Ship from Ebay to Australia At Low Price

What eBay sellers usually offer to international buyers


When you’re  looking for a good deal on eBay or Amazon you need to consider international shipping.  Most high rated sellers fall into one of these groups:


1) Don’t ship internationally. You can place order using your personal US Address from Shopfans;


2) Ship internationally via United States Postal Service (USPS), a US government mail agency.


Why USPS is not the best choice


USPS offers three international shipping methods:


a) Express Mail — fast & reliable, but very expensive, starting from $60.95 for first 1 lbs from US to Dubai


b) Priority Mail — slower and proven, but still an expensive option, it takes $42.75 to deliver 1 lbs (454 grams) to Abu Dhabi


c) First Class Mail — cheap, but very slow (up to 1 month transit time). Even worse the seller will NOT provide you any tracking number. And the worst — if your package is lost you can’t  claim a refund from seller, per eBay policy the seller is held liable if he/she did not send the item, not if the item was lost by mail.


Three things to know before you buy on eBay


What is the best way to avoid paying extra for shipping or putting your valuable orders at risk?  In our 10 years of experience, we noticed that smart cross-border shoppers do the following:


First – use a personal US Shipping address when placing order on eBay. So instead of shipping an order overseas, an eBay seller will ship it (often free for domestic shipment) to our 50,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center in tax free Delaware. Sign up page is here;


Second – combine multiple orders into one outgoing box. Shipping 7 separate orders will cost you more than to ship one, which consolidate these 7.


Finally, and most importantly – use fast and reliable shipping methods to UAE and KSA saving up to 70% what you would pay to eBay sellers offering “direct international shipment”.


Example 1


Ultra-fast DHL Express (which delivers within 3-5 days) will cost you only $29 per pound! Compare to the $60+ price tag for USPS.


Example 2


Cheaper but still fast Middle East Express (transit time 8-12 days) will cost you only $14! Almost two times less then snail-mail (USPS First Class). And that is the price for full traceable premium courier service.

How to get access to these great offers to ship your orders from eBay to UAE? Just signup with Shopfans to get access to discounted international shipping!
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